Monday, October 26, 2015

Windswept Nights

Prior to my surgery last fall, I had continued writing but felt as though creatively, I had run dry.  I entered a publishing contest with mixed results, but the result was when all was said and done, I had fairly successfully self-publishing yet again.  Unfortunately when it came to fresh ideas, I was fresh out--but I had been playing around with the idea of one final novel in the Windswept Saga, to serve as both sequel and prequel, taking us back to the beginning of Sam and Susan's romance while playing out stories I had hinted at in The Art of Love.  This is book six, which means book five (which I have had a story for, for a while now, but need to do further research before I put pen to paper).  Additionally I have two further novels in the works, including one that is past the 30,000 word mark, which I hope bodes well for future creative endeavors.  Purchasing information for Windswept Nights appears below.

Windswept Hearts