Monday, April 11, 2016

The Truth

After five years of unemployment, multiple failed interviews, and scores of rejections, I am ready to admit the truth:  being hired has nothing to do with what you know, and everything to do with who you know.  Positions are only advertised under the façade of equality; if you are not related by blood, marriage, or some other tenuous connection to the person in charge, your qualifications and/or education might as well be non-existent.  Prior to sinking your valuable time, money, and years into a college education, you’d better make sure beforehand that a job will be waiting for you upon graduation or you will have one very hard row to hoe.  Don’t believe me?  Take your perfectly-good résumé and apply for a position at a place where you don’t know the hiring official or aren’t related to the man in charge, and see what happens.  Trust me—you’ll wind up in the same boat as me, but hopefully with less debt.