Friday, February 27, 2015

Taking Chances

As I stated in my previous post, I only completed two novels last year, and each was shorter than my earlier novels.  But it was an atypical year in which I was depressed, exhausted, and finally diagnosed with a brain tumor that required surgery and post-operative chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  As I went through the treatments I began the final series of edits for Love for Sale, which was written after Chances.  Chances, you see, had to undergo some extensive revisions before it would meet my exacting standards.  After some soul-searching I opted to excise an entire character from the manuscript; her scenes and dialogue had to be removed completely, transferred to another character, or turned into brainwaves within the mind of the novel’s heroine.  After I went through that process I was ready to publish.  What took so long in the publication of both novels was the cover selection process:  I had found stock images online but had to wait until I had the resources to license them.  I am quite pleased with both images.  Chances is available now in paperback; the e-book is available for pre-order with a release date of April 1.


Love for Sale…for sale

Last year I completed two novels in short order.  It was a slow year for me, as in the previous two years I completed no less than twelve novels of varying lengths.  It was a difficult year, though, for a variety of reasons.  Chances, the first novel, never felt quite right to me so I decided to let it marinate for a bit while I wrote another one.  Love for Sale was originally born from an idea for a still-unwritten novel—I simply took the plot and twisted it on its end.  The book was written in a matter of weeks—I have this irrational fear that if I don’t write quickly, I will lose both my inspiration and ideas.  I submitted it to a large international book contest where it was ultimately selected for the top twenty-five and then one of the top ten finalists.  My writing received exposure like never before when the entire book was uploaded to its own webpage.  Unfortunately I didn’t win the contest but I did edit the book and, several months later, I have a complete manuscript packaged with a beautiful cover.  The paperback is available now and the Kindle edition is available for pre-order—it will be released on Valentine’s Day.